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Sounder Audio

Music Productions

Sounder is generously equipped to capture the spirit of your music. A modern recording studio nestled into the comforting arms of a classic 19th century building, Sounder is both timely and timeless. Savor the experience of actualizing your creative vision in an environment where quality is only rivaled by comfort.

Radio Production

It's Wednesday morning, you have 12 radio scripts that need to air before the end of the week. Your voice talents are in Nashville and Minneapolis. You have no music or sound effects, and your client in Chicago wants to hear and approve the mixes before they air. At Sounder all of this is possible. Our ISDN Digi-Patch capability connects you with studios around the globe, giving you the flexibility to choose the talent that is right for the job, regardless of their location. Harness the power of our extensive sound effects library to create a dimensional context for your spot. Whether you require original music or needle drop, we can help you find the right tone. When it comes time to mix, let our experience help you take your work to the next level. You and your client can be celebrating another successful production as we distribute your spots to radio markets everywhere with the help of DG Systems & Fast Channel Distribution.

Film Post

After months of production and editing, your film is starting to take shape. Despite all of the careful planning, the elements and schedules conspire to sabotage the dialog in just a few scenes. Then there is that pesky business of finding music appropriate for the film that won't get you sued. At Sounder, these challenges are fun, creative puzzles. From ADR work to post-scoring, foley and mixing, Sounder is the right place to make your film sound as good as it looks.

Television Production

Your client wants to create a spot for broadcast in a major market. They want to shoot it at a college football game. The dialog needs to cut through 50,000 fans, capture the excitement and feel of the stadium, and youíve only got one shot. We can handle that. Whether you need field audio production, ISDN voice-over, foley work, or mixing, Sounder will get you results that stand out in any market.




            Otari Concept  80 inputs
            Sony DMX-P01 Field Mixer



            Otari MTR-90 2-inch 24-track
            ProTools TDM 32 channels i/o
            Fostex DAT
            Sony ProII Portable DAT



            Mackie HR824 w/sub
            Yamaha NS-10M



            Orban Opticodec 7400



            API 312 x 4
            Neve 1073 x 2
            Aphex x 2
            Bellari x 2
            Drawmer x 2



            Stephen Paul Mod. AKG C12
            Neumann TLM103 x 2
            Neumann KM184 x 2
            Neumann KMR 81i
            Royer R121
            Fostex M88RP
            Shure SM7
            Shure SM57
            Shure SM56
            Shure SM58
            Shure Green Bullet
            Sennheiser 421
            Sennheiser 609
            AKG D112
            ElectroVoice RE20
            Audio Technica 4050
            Audio Technica 4033
            Audio Technica Lav.
            Realistic PZM
            Octava MCO12
            Blue Ball
            Audex D1



            Empirical Labs FATSO
            DBX 162
            Drawmer 1960
            Bellari RP282 x2
            ART ProVLA
            Orban 422A x2
            Aphex Compeller
            Aphex EasyRider
            Aphex Dominator x 6
            Lexicon NuVerb
            Lexicon 92
            Digitech DSP128
            Roland Phase Shifter
            Roland Pre
            Electrix Warp Factory



            50ís Hammond organ & Leslie 900
            1959 Gibson J-45
            1962 reissue Gibson SG
            1962 reissue Fender Strat
            1972 Tele Thinline
            90ís Epiphone Les Paul
            90ís Squire Mini
            90ís StingRay Bass copy
            Gretch Acoustic
            Kay cello
            Yamaha P-120 piano
            Alesis Quadrasynth
            1967 Ludwig Psychedelic Red drums
            90ís Pearl Export
            A fair selection of snares & brass



            1967 Fender ProVerb
            Reissue VOX AC30
            Marshall JCM800
            Tech21 Trademark 10
            Ashdown ABM bass amp combo