Sounder Audio Production
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Select Music Credits

    Jeff Tweedy & Jay Bennet (Wilco)
    Babes In Toyland / Katastrophy Wife
    Girls Against Boys
    Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails)
    Dave “Rave” Ogilve (Skinny Puppy)
    Kim Fox
    Lydia Lunch
    Mark Mallman
    The Melvins
    The Cows
    Halo of Flies
    Deep Puddle Dynamics
    DJ Abilities
    Brother Ali
    Doom Tree
    Six Too
    Buck 65
    Psychotic Kinesis
    Bodies Lay Broken
    Pimentos For Gus
    Justin Roberts
    Tracy Spuehler
    Mike Merz
    Susan Sandburg
    Happy Apple
    Takagi Matsakatsu
    Jake Mandel
    David J Russ
    The Vestals
    Nikki Corvette
    Altar of Rock
    Peach Fuzz
    Tommy Flake
    Ol’ Yeller
    The Fevers
    American Foxes
    Lola and the Red Hots
    Dan Israel
    Melodious Owl
    Vinnie and the Stardusters

Business Clients

    Doe Anderson
    Campbell Mithune
    Makers Mark
    Louisville Science Center
    Norton Healthcare
    Community Health Services
    Rock Castle Hospital
    Rhyme Sayers Productions
    Amphetamine Reptile Records
    Thick Records
    Car Park Records
    Minnesota Enable
    Lame Ear Productions
    Scimitar Entertainment
    Beaners Central