Sounder Audio Production
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Rates | 2013


Book Rate - $150.00/hour
Lockout - $1200.00/10-hour day
Mastering/Audio Restoration - $200.00/hour
ADR - $200.00/hour
Tele-Patch - $45.00/ half hour + book rate

Production Services

Location Audio
$650.00 / 10 hour day
Location Audio Kit
$100 / day  1 lav, boom, Sound Devices  788t recorder

Master Materials

Data Archive - $36.00
Audio CD Master - $15.00
Audio CD Reference - $12.00

Sound Effects

Sound Effects - $15.00/ea. (discount @ 10 pcs.)

Electronic Distribution

Fast Channel & DG Systems - $20.00/spot

Audio File Conversion

Audio File Conversion - $20.00/spot
E-mail Delivery - $20.00/spot
FTP Posting - $35.00/spot

Terms and Conditions

Corporations with established credit net 30 days. Individuals pay cash. Billing begins at scheduled session start time. 1 hour minimum session, billed in 1/2 hour increments thereafter. Lockout rates must be schedules at least 48 hours in advance, and must be paid in full prior to session start. All sessions will be archived daily. Archives will be presented to the client for safe-keeping. Materials and content storage at Sounder is provided for client convenience only. Sounder assumes no risk and makes no guarantee for the safety of client materials in production or storage, or for the contents of materials prepared for the client. All risk for the safety of materials, contents and delivery, including loss or destruction, are assumed by and are solely the responsibility of the client. Client materials left for more than one year will be discarded. All rates and services subject to change without notice. All materials subject to availability.